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Market Orders

Capture favourable rates in a fast moving market.

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Use Market Orders to respond immediately to changes in exchange rates, even outside of normal office hours.

Limit Order

Capture favourable market movements.

Target an exchange rate above the prevailing rate and we'll automatically transact on your behalf if the market reaches your chosen rate. 

Stop Loss Order

Control your downside risk.

Set a worst case exchange rate. If the market moves to this point your trade will be triggered automatically, protecting you from further adverse movements.

One Cancels the Other

  • Place a Stop Loss Order, protecting your lowest acceptable rate, and a Limit Order, capturing your most favourable target rate at the same time.
  • When one of the orders is filled, we’ll automatically cancel the other.
  • Placing Market Orders in pairs allows you to take advantage of favourable market movements whilst knowing that your business is trading within a range of comfort.

Perfect the timing of your transactions with Market Orders.

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