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Forward Contracts

Lock in a fixed rate for the future.

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Guarantee the cost of invoices despite market volatility

This straightforward contract allows you to exchange two designated currencies, on a future date, at a fixed exchange rate, providing predictable cash flow.

Forecast your profits with certainty 

Guaranteed rates

Do business with confidence knowing your rate is fixed, regardless of any market volatility between the time the rate is agreed and when we deliver your currency.

Accurate forecasting

Plan ahead, maintaining excellent exchange rates for your future payments, so you can budget accurately and forecast expenses with certainty.

Flexible delivery

We tailor forward contracts, giving you the flexibility to draw down on funds or extend expiry dates depending on your needs.

Increased control

Forward Contracts are available in all major currencies and can secure rates for up to two years in the future.

If your forward requirements are not linked to payments for goods or services then please call us or complete this form.

Keep your costs under control with Forward Contracts.

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