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Secure your cash flow against a rapidly moving market

With a personalised risk management strategy.

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How certain is your profit?



Volatile exchange rates mask the true cost of your transactions and put your profits at risk



Use risk management tools to lock in favourable exchange rates and achieve predictable cash flows

During 2016 a UK business with regular invoices of €10,000 could have saved £9,800 using Forward Contracts compared to spot transactions.*

*Data based on the interbank rate on the first day of each month in 2016 compared to a rate fixed on 1 January 2016 for the rest of the year’s transactions.

FX volatility offers both risk and opportunity

A personalised risk management strategy helps you reliably:

Achieve more predictable cash flow

Improve your financial forecasting and strategic planning efforts.

Mitigate currency risks to the bottom line

Develop long-term sustainability.

Capture opportunities for global growth

Strengthen business connections and profitability.

Hedging, Derivatives…it’s easier than it sounds with the right partner

Our industry experts help you protect your business against currency volatility by learning about your business, creating a comprehensive plan that addresses your unique requirements and continuously monitoring the effectiveness of the execution on your behalf.

The right tools for the job

Forward Contracts

Secure a specified exchange rate for a future transaction. A Forward Contract allows you to set your prices with a budget in mind.

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Market Orders

Never miss a target rate and stay in your trading comfort zone. Market Orders automatically execute a trade when your ideal rate is reached.

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Options give you the security of a guaranteed rate but the freedom to benefit from positive market movements if you decide not to execute the option.

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We offer a wide range of products and our Subsidiary Currencies Direct Financial Markets (CDFM) provides a number of FX derivative options that help you to manage the cost of your international transactions. We’ll regularly evaluate the efficiency of the tools you’re using to ensure your international payments are fully optimised.

If your forward requirements are not linked to payments for goods or services then please call us or complete this form.

Our four step plan to securing your profit


Identify your exposure to currency market movement by reviewing the size and frequency of your overseas transactions and potential impact on cash flow.


Combine knowledge of your exposure and cash flow sensitivity with our market outlook to determine your risk management objectives.


Develop a strategy with our industry experts, selecting the right tools to help you achieve your objectives and protect profit.


We’ll help you execute your plan, and keep you up to date with market insight and regular performance evaluations.

Expert guidance

You need to understand where your business is exposed to market risk. With up to the minute market knowledge and industry experience, we can help you accurately forecast the impact of market movements on your business.

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Build a plan to protect your business.

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