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Capture favourable rates in a fast-moving market.

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Respond to changes in exchange rates, even outside office hours.

With market order strategies you can capture favourable market moves through limits, control your downside risk with stops, or combine both to mitigate unpredictable swings.

Our team of experts can guide you to the right solution.

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Market order products.

Respond to market changes with confidence.

Limit order

Target an exchange rate above the prevailing rate and we'll automatically transact on your behalf if the market reaches your chosen rate.

Stop loss order

Set a worst-case exchange rate. If the market moves to this point your trade will be triggered automatically, protecting you from further adverse movements.

Paired orders

Placing market orders in pairs allows you to take advantage of favourable market movements whilst knowing that your business is trading within a range of comfort.

Perfect the timing with market orders

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Other strategies.

Explore our other currency hedging solutions.

Forward contracts

Lock in a fixed rate for the future.

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