International Payments for Individuals

With Currencies Direct we know you’ll benefit from our worldwide, industry-leading expertise in foreign exchange. Whether you’re trying to research the best possible exchange rate or you’re sending or receiving foreign currency across borders, Currencies Direct can support you.


Your best choice in all situations

Currencies Direct are your best choice for international payments – whether it’s small or large transfers, as one-off or regular payments. Our expertise helps you maximise how much currency arrives overseas.

Multiple methods of international transactions

To make a transfer, you can either call an expert, or for transfers up to £15,000, go online to make a transaction with iPayFX – our online payment platform.

We make an impressive average of 220,000 transactions a year, so we know the best ways to transfer your money internationally, and we can track your payment right to its destination.

Tony and Caroline – holiday property in Spain

Currencies Direct gave a very professional service during this whole process – they’ve been brilliant throughout. Next we will be taking advantage of Currencies Direct’s regular money transfers service to send money to Spain to pay our mortgage!

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