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Pairing Currency pairs Rates
EUR/AUDEuro/Australian Dollar1.4886
EUR/GBPEuro/British Pound0.8234
EUR/CADEuro/Canadian Dollar1.5244
EUR/CZKEuro/Czech Koruna27.4197
EUR/DKKEuro/Danish Krone7.4666
EUR/HKDEuro/Hong Kong Dollar10.7112
EUR/HUFEuro/Hungarian Forint306.9800
EUR/INREuro/Indian Rupee84.4390
EUR/JPYEuro/Japanese Yen141.5310
EUR/MUREuro/Mauritius Rupees42.0170
EUR/MADEuro/Moroccan Dirham11.2240
EUR/NZDEuro/New Zealand Dollar1.6094
EUR/NOKEuro/Norwegian Krone8.2806
EUR/PLNEuro/Poland Zlotych4.1869
EUR/RONEuro/Romanian Leu4.4645
EUR/SGDEuro/Singapore Dollar1.7355
EUR/ZAREuro/South African Rand14.6265
EUR/SEKEuro/Swedish Kroner9.0826
EUR/CHFEuro/Swiss Franc1.2200
EUR/THBEuro/Thai Baht44.6530
EUR/AEDEuro/UAE Dirham5.0738
EUR/USDEuro/US Dollar1.3817
USD/AUDUS Dollar/Australian Dollar1.0774
USD/GBPUS Dollar/British Pound0.5960
USD/CADUS Dollar/Canadian Dollar1.1033
USD/CZKUS Dollar/Czech Koruna19.8446
USD/DKKUS Dollar/Danish Krone5.4040
USD/EURUS Dollar/Euro0.7237
USD/HKDUS Dollar/Hong Kong Dollar7.7528
USD/HUFUS Dollar/Hungarian Forint222.1900
USD/INRUS Dollar/Indian Rupee61.0900
USD/JPYUS Dollar/Japanese Yen102.4360
USD/MURUS Dollar/Mauritius Rupees28.9000
USD/MADUS Dollar/Moroccan Dirham8.1074
USD/NZDUS Dollar/New Zealand Dollar1.1649
USD/NOKUS Dollar/Norwegian Krone5.9926
USD/PLNUS Dollar/Poland Zlotych3.0302
USD/RONUS Dollar/Romanian Leu3.3230
USD/SGDUS Dollar/Singapore Dollar1.2562
USD/ZARUS Dollar/South African Rand10.5856
USD/SEKUS Dollar/Swedish Kroner6.5736
USD/CHFUS Dollar/Swiss Franc0.8830
USD/THBUS Dollar/Thai Baht32.3300
USD/AEDUS Dollar/UAE Dirham3.6729
CAD/AUDCanadian Dollar/Australian Dollar0.9764
CAD/GBPCanadian Dollar/British Pound0.5401
CAD/EURCanadian Dollar/Euro0.6559
CAD/HKDCanadian Dollar/Hong Kong Dollar7.0254
CAD/INRCanadian Dollar/Indian Rupee49.2350
CAD/JPYCanadian Dollar/Japanese Yen92.8380
CAD/NZDCanadian Dollar/New Zealand Dollar1.0557
CAD/NOKCanadian Dollar/Norwegian Krone5.4314
CAD/PLNCanadian Dollar/Poland Zlotych2.7458
CAD/SGDCanadian Dollar/Singapore Dollar1.1611
CAD/ZARCanadian Dollar/South African Rand9.5965
CAD/SEKCanadian Dollar/Swedish Kroner5.9573
CAD/CHFCanadian Dollar/Swiss Franc0.8003
CAD/THBCanadian Dollar/Thai Baht30.7750
CAD/AEDCanadian Dollar/UAE Dirham3.3183
CAD/USDCanadian Dollar/US Dollar0.9063
GBP/AUDBritish Pound/Australian Dollar1.8078
GBP/CADBritish Pound/Canadian Dollar1.8513
GBP/CZKBritish Pound/Czech Koruna33.2978
GBP/DKKBritish Pound/Danish Krone9.0674
GBP/EURBritish Pound/Euro1.2144
GBP/HKDBritish Pound/Hong Kong Dollar13.0080
GBP/HUFBritish Pound/Hungarian Forint372.8580
GBP/INRBritish Pound/Indian Rupee102.5200
GBP/JPYBritish Pound/Japanese Yen171.8790
GBP/MURBritish Pound/Mauritius Rupees51.0400
GBP/MADBritish Pound/Moroccan Dirham13.6350
GBP/NZDBritish Pound/New Zealand Dollar1.9544
GBP/NOKBritish Pound/Norwegian Krone10.0559
GBP/PLNBritish Pound/Poland Zlotych5.0841
GBP/RONBritish Pound/Romanian Leu5.4224
GBP/SGDBritish Pound/Singapore Dollar2.1074
GBP/ZARBritish Pound/South African Rand17.7613
GBP/SEKBritish Pound/Swedish Kroner11.0301
GBP/CHFBritish Pound/Swiss Franc1.4816
GBP/THBBritish Pound/Thai Baht54.2760
GBP/AEDBritish Pound/UAE Dirham6.1621
GBP/USDBritish Pound/US Dollar1.6779
ZAR/AUDSouth African Rand/Australian Dollar0.1012
ZAR/GBPSouth African Rand/British Pound0.0563
ZAR/CADSouth African Rand/Canadian Dollar0.1037
ZAR/DKKSouth African Rand/Danish Krone0.5098
ZAR/EURSouth African Rand/Euro0.0678
ZAR/HKDSouth African Rand/Hong Kong Dollar0.9913
ZAR/INRSouth African Rand/Indian Rupee6.3150
ZAR/JPYSouth African Rand/Japanese Yen9.6699
ZAR/NZDSouth African Rand/New Zealand Dollar0.1100
ZAR/NOKSouth African Rand/Norwegian Krone0.7500
ZAR/PLNSouth African Rand/Poland Zlotych0.2857
ZAR/SGDSouth African Rand/Singapore Dollar0.1181
ZAR/SEKSouth African Rand/Swedish Kroner0.6159
ZAR/CHFSouth African Rand/Swiss Franc0.0834
ZAR/THBSouth African Rand/Thai Baht3.9504
ZAR/AEDSouth African Rand/UAE Dirham0.3464
ZAR/USDSouth African Rand/US Dollar0.0939

Disclaimer: All rates quotes shown are for indicative purposes only. It is important to note that foreign exchange rates fluctuate and that rates will vary depending on the amount and product purchased and sold. These rates are updated every 15 minutes. To obtain an accurate indication we suggest you contact us or submit a Rate Watch Request at which point one of our members will call you.