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Annual property sales in Spain rise by 17.3%

The Spanish government’s statistical office has said that almost 34,000 properties were sold in the year to November 2016.

Main focus on Theresa May’s speech

Reflecting off of the two main market movers currently, Brexit and the US presidential election, we saw a much more risk adverse week last week in line with some steady Sterling negativity.

Disappointing Chinese data raises fears for global economy

This morning, markets focused on from China where December trade numbers were released a few hours ago. Trade data disappointed...

Brexit piles pressure on Sterling despite positive data

Having started the week on the back foot, the pound has recovered marginally against its counterparts. Last weekend, Theresa May suggested...

Dollar gives Sterling a helping hand

Tuesday was a steady day for Sterling, despite a fairly poor start to the week whilst investors deciphered the comments made by Prime Minister Theresa May over the weekend.

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