Travel money

We like simple. That’s why we’ve partnered with WeSwap, our recommended travel money provider. They swap your money directly with other travellers and beat the banks (and bureaux de change) in the process. - the new way to get travel spending money.  Swap your money with other travellers, via the WeSwap web or app and enjoy the best exchange rates and the lowest fees available.

Supported by a MasterCard® debit card, the WeSwap platform lets you swap into 18 different currencies and saves you, up to 90% compared to banks and bureaux.

WeSwap is the fast, simple next-generation provider of travel money.
 Load your account with the amount in GBP you’d like to exchange, select the currency you’d like to swap, and then use the free, multi-currency WeSwap Prepaid MasterCard to spend or withdraw your money. It’s that simple. Plus, they offer some of the most competitive rates in the market today.

They even have a handy app. So you can get last minute currency, without the last minute charges, on the go.

“WeSwap is revolutionising currency exchange by beating high rates and slashing charges to the customer.”
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European Commission projects expansion for UK

The European Commission has projected an expansion of 1.5% for the UK after initially suggesting just a 1% growth, seemingly backing the pound for 2017.