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If you're buying or selling a property overseas, you'll find there's a lot to think about. Talking to us will remove at least one of those complications – moving your money abroad.


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One of the reasons our customers are so happy is that we constantly beat the banks on exchange rates, giving them savings that could possibly even be the costs of a new kitchen.

It’s not just buying new property we can help with either. If you’ve got a mortgage on an overseas property, we can set up those payments for you too. We’ll save you time and give you a rate that’ll save you money. Easy!

If you're selling, you'll need to move your money home  and we'll make sure you don't lose out when you're organising the transfer side of things. 

So, whether you’re converting pounds to dollars, or dollars to dinars, we can help. We won’t baffle you with jargon or add any sneaky fees into the mix. Just a friendly, helpful and informative service. Let’s talk! 


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Currency exchange is all we do, and we have a number of products and services to suit your specific needs. You could save up to 5% by moving your money with us instead of your bank, thanks to our competitive rates and fee-free transfers.


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