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CD South Africa: Markets underwhelmed by SONA 2016

It was hard to tell if the markets were sneering or yawning after President Zuma's address to the nation.

CD South Africa: Markets underwhelmed by SONA 2016

CD South Africa: One Yellen of an evening

Global sentiment is showing signs of improvement as risk currencies managed to pull back some lost ground yesterday.

Markets on high alert as Yellen takes the stage

Today the main attention will focus on Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s semi-annual report on monetary policy.

Gold is good as oil prices still slippery (+video)

Monday saw a very choppy session as global stocks fell on the fears of a global growth and a slowdown in China, which is significantly hindering equities.

CD South Africa: Wherefore art thou, growth?

Some European stocks dropped by almost 10% yesterday, while gold and other commodity prices continued to plummet.

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