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Dudley downplays US rate rises (video)

The US Federal Reserve appeared to make a dramatic U-turn last night, when Fed official Will Dudley claimed that a rate rise in September “seems less compelling” than it did a few weeks ago.

Dudley downplays US rate rises (video)

CD South Africa: Rand on track for recovery

Strong gains in both the US and China have eased nerves as global markets start to recover. With global sentiment on the up, the rand is back to more “normal” levels.

Broken China responds by cutting rates

The People’s Bank of China cut the main interest rate by 25 basis points yesterday (25 August), and also cut the reserve requirement ratio by 50 basis points.

CD South Africa: Economy is going nowhere slowly

A dismal second quarter gross domestic product figure released yesterday at -1.3% (yes, that is negative) does certainly not paint a pretty picture of South Africa's economy.

Sterling keeps calm and carries on

US$1.6 trillion was wiped off the global stock markets yesterday, but the London stock market opened up this morning seemingly oblivious to the chaotic scenes elsewhere.

CD South Africa: Minor stability returns to some Asian markets

Chinese equities have dropped by another 5% this morning; however other Asian markets have recovered -- which suggests that some stability could return today.

Weekly Market Analysis: Black Monday hits markets

European stocks may hit their lowest point since 2009. Are the markets losing faith in the ability of the central banks?

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