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​Markets open on positive note

After a more turbulent market last week, we’re opening this morning on a fairly positive note for Sterling.

​Markets open on positive note

European Commission projects expansion for UK

The European Commission has projected an expansion of 1.5% for the UK after initially suggesting just a 1% growth, seemingly backing the pound for 2017.

The effect of a potential Marine Le Pen win

If the past year has taught us anything, it's that nothing can be taken for granted in the world of politics. In April this year, the French general election will begin...

Pressure and strong market movements

European shares rose to within striking distance of their highest levels in more than a year on Friday and the US dollar was buoyant as investor’s cheered upbeat Chinese trade data and hope of business-friendly tax cuts in the US.

Busy week ahead for the US

Last week, we saw a fairly subdued market with a lack of “high-ticket” data as most releases of note were focussed on the commodity currency countries such as Canada and New Zealand.

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