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Markets glued to crucial central bank decisions

December is set to be a crucial month for central banks in the US and Europe, as markets expect major decisions in the weeks to come.

Markets glued to crucial central bank decisions

CD South Africa: Dismal data

The local unit is proving to be its own worst enemy, as a shocking trade balance figure released yesterday handed the rand a hospital pass.

Weekly Market Analysis: Euro the saving grace of struggling Sterling

Sterling fell against the US dollar last week and remained steady against the broadly weaker euro.

Decisive fortnight ahead for pound, euro and US dollar (+ video)

Over the next two weeks the European Central Bank, the Bank of England and the US Federal Reserve all meet to decide on interest rates.

Is the euro on track for parity with the US dollar?

The ECB's tricky balancing act has been made harder by Goldman Sachs, which thinks that the euro could achieve dollar parity within months.

CD South Africa: Rand getting dragged along

The rand followed emerging market currencies to weaker levels yesterday as the US dollar rally gained momentum.

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