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Currency pairs Rates
GBP (Sterling) - AUD (Australian Dollars) 1.6199
GBP (Sterling) - CAD (Canadian Dollar) 1.6392
GBP (Sterling) - EUR (Euro) 1.1749
GBP (Sterling) - NZD (New Zealand Dollar) 1.7303
GBP (Sterling) - USD (United States Dollars) 1.2425
GBP (Sterling) - AED (UAE Dirham) 4.5642
GBP (Sterling) - BGN (Bulgarian Lev) 2.2930
GBP (Sterling) - BHD (Bahraini Dinar) 0.4668
GBP (Sterling) - BWP (Botswanan Pula) 12.8760
GBP (Sterling) - CHF (Swiss Franc) 1.2548
GBP (Sterling) - CNY (Chinese Yuan) 8.5416
GBP (Sterling) - CZK (Czech Koruna) 31.7284
GBP (Sterling) - DKK (Danish Krone) 8.7315
GBP (Sterling) - HKD (Hong Kong Dollar) 9.6420
GBP (Sterling) - HRK (Croatian Kuna) 8.6770
GBP (Sterling) - HUF (Hungarian Forint) 361.0610
GBP (Sterling) - ILS (Israeli New Sheqel) 4.5495
GBP (Sterling) - JPY (Japanese Yen) 140.0830
GBP (Sterling) - KES (Kenyan Shilling) 127.9300
GBP (Sterling) - KWD (Kuwaiti Dinar) 0.3794
GBP (Sterling) - MUR (Mauritian Rupee) 44.4900
GBP (Sterling) - MXN (Mexican Peso) 24.7440
GBP (Sterling) - NOK (Norwegian Krone) 10.4093
GBP (Sterling) - OMR (Omani Rial) 0.4775
GBP (Sterling) - PHP (Philippine Peso) 62.4020
GBP (Sterling) - PLN (Polish Zloty) 5.0638
GBP (Sterling) - QAR (Qatari Rial) 4.5282
GBP (Sterling) - RON (Romanian New Leu) 5.3020
GBP (Sterling) - RUB (Russian Rouble) 72.2420
GBP (Sterling) - SAR (Saudi Riyal) 4.6532
GBP (Sterling) - SEK (Swedish Krona) 11.2710
GBP (Sterling) - SGD (Singapore Dollar) 1.7469
GBP (Sterling) - THB (Thai Bhat) 43.3120
GBP (Sterling) - TND (Tunisian Dinar) 2.8455
GBP (Sterling) - TRY (Turkish Lira) 4.4841
GBP (Sterling) - ZAR (South African Rand) 16.1620


Disclaimer: All rates quotes shown are for indicative purposes only. It is important to note that foreign exchange rates fluctuate and that rates will vary depending on the amount and product purchased and sold. These rates are updated every 15 minutes. To obtain an accurate indication we suggest you contact us or submit a Rate Watch Request at which point one of our members will call you.


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