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Pounds to Canadian dollars

The exchange rate between the Canadian dollars to US dollars is sometimes referred to as the Funds. In 2007 the exchange rate between Canadian dollars to US dollars it rose as high as $1.0008, this was the first time that the Loonie had surpassed the Greenback since November 1976.

The Canadian dollar is the seventh most traded currency on the Forex market. In the highest exchange rate for the Canadian dollar against the pound was 2.6731 (quite a stark contrast to the lowest exchange rate for the CAD against Sterling, which was 1.4832). Since January 2013 the pound has risen 18 percent against the Canadian dollar. 

Ready for some trivia? The official currency of the country is the Canadian dollar, written CAD or C$ to avoid confusion with the US dollar and the Australian dollar. The Canadian dollar is known as the Loon or the Loonie due to the image of a Loon on one side. The Loon bird is a very common in North America and Canada.
In 1841, the Province of Canada was using the Canadian pound, which was equal to four US dollars. Despite insistence from imperial authorities in London to keep the pound throughout the empire, Canada eventually adapted a decimalised system due to ease of trading with its US neighbour in 1871.

The Looney is often referred to as a ‘buck’, which dates back to the 17th century when a Canadian dollar was equal in value to the pelt of a male beaver (a buck). 

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