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We’re dedicated to staying on top of the foreign exchange markets… but not everyone else has the time. If you’re in that camp, then rate watch is a pretty useful tool.

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Setting up a rate watch is basically a way to tell us what exchange rate you’re interested in, and what you think is an acceptable deal. We then assign a member of our expert team to monitor the markets for you, and then notify you when the rate become available.

Banks simply don’t have the time to offer this service, which is why they’re less useful for big decisions (like moving abroad or buying overseas property). With something like a rate watch, you can set up as many searches as you like and leave the rest to us.

Most importantly, when your desired rate arrives, you’re under no obligation to actually trade. It’s just a great way to keep abreast of what’s happening in the currency market so you know when the best time is to start trading if you need to.

Set up a rate watch today and make sure you get the currency deal you really want!