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When you want to send money overseas, who does that money belong to? Really – it’s a serious question. Ideally the answer would be that it’s you… but not everybody agrees.

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During an international money transfer, your bank will take some of that money in fees and charges. They’re also not in any rush to get it done either.

Here at Currencies Direct, we’re a bit different. We change money from one currency to another, all done in strict accordance with South Africa's Exchange Control regulations. We'll even set up your bank account for you too!

It works like this:

  1. Register with us - you will need to send us FICA documents to open a client specific bank account. 
  2. Tell us what currency you’d like to send and where
  3. Make your payment into your trading account
  4. We’ll send the payment as soon as the funds clear 

That’s pretty simple. And you’ll probably save up to 2% of your transfer, too. 

Please note there are fees for all transfer under R100 000 (R375).

All trades are done in strict accordance with exchange control rulings.

How it works

  1. Join. It’s quick and easy...
  2. Choose a currency amount to transfer, and tell us where you want to send it
  3. Make your payment into your trading account
  4. We’ll send the funds as soon as we receive your payment

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