Regular transfers

If you need to send money abroad on a regular basis, it can get a bit complicated and stressful. The bank might take too long, your rate may not be great, or you might forget to send the payment altogether.

We guarantee
to beat the banks!

Save money on personal currency exchange.


It only takes 2 minutes!

When you’re talking about serious transfers (pensions and mortgage payments count as serious, right?) then that’s just not a complication you want in your life.

We can help you set up any pound-to-euro currency transfers you need. Using a simple Direct Debit system, we can set up any number of payments you need to send to (almost) anywhere in the world. The payments are sent automatically, so you get to enjoy the hassle-free transfers you deserve.

Talk to us today about how we can help, or simply register with us and get started straight away.

How it works

  1. Join. It’s quick and easy...
  2. Choose a currency amount to transfer, and tell us where you want to send it
  3. Make your payment to us
  4. We’ll send the funds as soon as we receive your payment

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