Paying your suppliers

Sending payments, if we’re honest, is the easy part. We should know – we've been doing it since 1996. But it’s not special – any high street bank can do it. What we offer in addition is the peace of mind and customer service that you need to get through the process (while making you extra profit).

Start saving on
international transfers.

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It only takes 10 minutes!

So where your bank will make a payment and then forget about you, here you’ve got a dedicated account manager who’s on call to talk through anything you need.

We're also able to let you trade your way - whether you're paying a one-off invoice or need to make multiple payments, we'll tailor a suite of products to suit your needs (either online or over the phone).

We're also always on hand to help... so whether you’ve made a mistake on your payment, or just need to talk something over before pressing ‘send’, we’re here and happy to talk currency. It’s all we do!