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We work with finance directors, corporate treasurers and chief operating officers to gain deeper insights into their foreign exchange exposures so that they can take better decisions for their businesses.

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Whether your company is expanding to new markets, signing new partners, or involved in corporate acquisitions, you will be exposed to foreign currency risks. How you handle this exposure will have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line.

We aim to help you understand, measure and monitor these exposures so that you are best positioned to manage them effectively. We do this using a variety of approaches, including:
Market view By drawing on and aggregating the views of leading economists, you can define potential market outcomes, assign probabilities to outcomes, and incorporate these projections into your decision-making

Cash management – We discuss and explore with you the different ways in which you could view cash flows which occur in various currencies
Risk management At your request, we use the quantitative methods typically adopted by corporate treasurers, regulators and financial institutions to measure the potential impact of currency fluctuations on your income and other financial ratios
Deal execution We help you to create a strategy for dealing with foreign exchange that accounts for the size, timing and certainty of the underlying cash flows. Banks and other providers often just quote the “spot” rate, which is the rate used for transactions carried out immediately. Therefore the spot rate may not always be the best strategy for a company
We call this combination of approaches foreign exchange as a service. This means that you can use our expertise and experience when you need it, without obligation or commitment.

Our aim is to help you to make independent and informed decisions.