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Currencies Direct can be your foreign exchange partner, offering deal execution across a wide range of currency pairs and tools, as well as helping you to plan your market and cashflow management strategies.

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Foreign exchange as a service

Many medium-sized businesses benefit from international trading opportunities. Sometimes this is part of a business plan, but often it just happens as and when opportunities arise. In either case, companies find that they need to change their plans at short notice to take new circumstances into account. This can increase the pressure on individual departments in terms of the volume and variety of work; more work is required with fewer resources and tighter deadlines.

Treasury department

One of the effects of a rapidly changing business enviroment is that the role of corporate treasurer has grown from being mainly a cash manager to being a strategic advisor and senior executive. However, the size of treasury teams has either remained static or shrunk because of operational margin pressures.

It’s getting harder for corporate treasurers to keep responding to the demands of changing international business, increased management expectations, and fixed operational budgets.

Finance department

Finance departments have traditionally focused on financial reporting and ensuring that the company performs according to plan and within budget, including dealing with the impact of changing currency rates. The faster businesses change, the harder this core responsibility becomes to meet. Reporting and cash management becomes more complex but needs to be achieved in shorter time frames. In companies without a dedicated treasury department, the finance team finds that it needs to take on many of the responsibilities and functions of a treasurer. This is often seen as additional to its main role, and is something it has neither the time nor the resources to address properly.

How we can help

Currencies Direct can work as part of your team to help you manage foreign exchange exposures and risk – whenever you need us.

We will support your growth through conscious planning, forecasting, and execution. We’ll give you the support you need to make more informed decisions when it comes to currency, and help you to plan for your future foreign exchange needs.

Together, we can create and achieve a tailored foreign exchange solution that will help your business to grow.