Control in the palm of your hand

iPayFX gives you 24/7 online access to cross border transfers so you can make payments when it suits you. Giving you unlimited access to international payments through our online payments system, iPayFX puts control in the palm of your hand. You can check the rate, select a beneficiary and make a payment in a matter of seconds. iPayFX is easy to use and totally secure.

You can make cross-border payments wherever and whenever you like with our online payments platform, iPayFX.  The system is designed to be intuitive, so making an international payment is as simple as a domestic one.

You can store your beneficiary details on the system, making regular payments quick and easy to complete. You can add new beneficiaries or edit existing ones whenever required.

iPayFX has live market rates which constantly change with the fluctuating market so you benefit from the most current market position. Once you agree the rate, it is locked in and you know exactly what price you will pay for your currency. With iPayFX you can review a statement of all your transactions in the system providing you with a record of all payments made by beneficiary or by currency

If your payments require authorisation by more than one person within the organisation, iPayFX will automatically email the relevant people to request approval of payments. This means that your organisation can implement and maintain internal security of payments being made on behalf of your business.

Secure access

iPayFX is protected by the highest level of security so you know your payments can be made with complete confidence. If you require multiple authorisations on payments, these protocols can be established, further protecting your account.

You can decide when you want to make a payment 24/7/365. Simply log on with your user name and password and input memorable information for increased security. You can still call your personal dealer if you want further information about a currency or transaction.


Making payments to international beneficiaries has never been so simple. iPayFX is fast and easy to navigate. Simply select the currency you are settling in and the currency you want to buy and we'll provide you with a quote.

All your beneficiaries are there at a glance, so you can select the person or organisation you want to pay. Adding new beneficiaries or even multiple beneficiaries is straightforward and once you’ve done it once they are always in the system when you need them.


Keeping a track of the payments you’ve made by beneficiary, by currency or by time period is easy with iPayFX. Our transaction history gives you the clarity you need to budget for the future or analyse past spending trends.

We pride ourselves on providing a transparent service so the reports available in iPayFX give you all your costs, rates and fees at a glance.